Proper feed ration is conducted according to the animals’ development phases and by combining theoretical and practical breeding requisite in different location of the country. Constant updates in the ingredient’s nutrients, as well as advanced proportioning software, help Astha produce the most nutritious feed with the most reasonable cost. American and European advanced machinery and technology, along with the quality ingredients, feed proportioning, output products and management, make Astha’s product best in nutrition and quality with optimized cost.

We believe in developing knowledge through research applying world class parameters, confirm results in field trials & standardize products for assured quality. Our facilities include an in-house research center for conducting experiments, new formulations and standardization of the production process. 

We have tied up arrangements with few renowned testing centers of Bangladesh for conducting trials which are followed up with various commercial farms in diverse climates and geographical locations to confirm results. 

We also take assistance from various Chemical laboratories for Analysis & testing purposes for Raw materials, in processed materials and finished goods. 

Through strict evaluation and selection of suppliers; the standards for the feed’s ingredient are clearly laid out; sample collection process, scientific examination with modern analytic machinery. Astha guarantees that the ingredient’s quality always meets the requirements. 

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