To Contribute to the emergence of sustainable feed systems by developing a pioneering & innovative industry.


Our Missions

We feel proud of our role in animal nutrition, and we work every day to enrich the lives of those who raise and care for animals. Every day, we work hard to bring good feed to millions of animals across the country.

  • Quality Nutrition

We make superior animal nutrition products because our customers’ animals deserve only the best in nutrition.

  • Service and Trust

Strong, long-lasting relationships are built on trust. We believe in doing what is right for our hard-working farmers and their animals. We believe in being honest, keeping our promises and treating our customers as friends.

  • Committed to Innovation

We hold our products to the highest standards from start to finish. Our commitment begins with animal nutritionists who make our products perfect through rigorous research. And our quality products are manufactured and tested every day at our plants, which ensure that those products are consistent and safe.

  • Our Promise

Quality animal nutrition that you can trust — guaranteed.

  • Environmental Protection

In spite of contributing the growth of animal nutrition, we are also careful to the conservancy of the environment.


Our Vision

We envision a future where we can continue providing our customers with nutritious, safe and high-quality food to feed their livestock, poultry and fishes, in accordance with appropriate, science-based regulatory guidelines. We strive to do more with less and will accomplish this by using new technology and working with reliable partners to reduce our environmental footprint—all while keeping consumers informed of where their food comes from.

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