The Annual Business Planning 2021 of Astha Feed Was Held

The Annual Business Planning 2021 of Astha Feed Was Held

A Business planning can also be done through pleasure. Therefore, in order to provide some relief and entertainment to the workers, the well-known company in supplying raw materials in the poultry, fisheries and livestock sector, Ibratas Trading Company and Astha Feed Industries Limited, an emerging quality feed supplier, has arranged "Annual Business Planning 2021". On Saturday, February 13, 2021, at Chuti Resort, Gazipur, they organized a joyous event and planned for the next day's business.

On this occasion, the employees of all levels of Astha Feed Industries Limited and Ibratas Trading Company started their journey together that morning. Arriving at the resort, everyone had breakfast together in the morning. At the end of breakfast, "Anwara Begum Memorial Football Tournament" was held among the employees dividing into four teams. In the tournament, Astha Feed Industries Ltd.'s "Eastern Fighter" team became champion and Ibratas Trading Company's "Dhaka Unbeatable" became runners-up team. There were also many more interesting games at the event such as race, ring target shot, musical chairs, and many more.

After lunch, the company's management team and employees met for "Annual Business Planning 2021". Mr. MA Malek, Chief Operating Officer, Astha Feed Industries Ltd., welcomed the gathering. Directors of the company Mr. Shalah Uddin , Mr. Saiful Islam Babu and owner of� Karnafuli Fish Product Mr. Selim Chowdhury also gave their valuable speech.

Managing Director Astha Feed and Director of Ibratas Trading Company Mr. Gias Uddin Khan gave an encouraging speech to the officers and employees. Mosharaf Hossain Chowdhury, Chairman of Astha Feed Industries Limited and Managing Director of Ibratas Trading Company, directed the business path for 2021. He outlined the mission and vision for 2021 of other affiliates including Astha Feed Industries Limited and Ibratas Trading Company. He said, �We want to work outside the conventional thinking. We want to work not only for business profit, but also for the development of the country's animal meat industry and farms. This is possible only through the joint efforts of all.�

The event is organized in a smooth and beautiful manner through various competitions, meetings, raffle draw throughout the day and lastly ended through splendid cultural events.

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